• for Charlottesville City Council


My name is LENA SEVILLE. I came to Charlottesville to study Environmental Science at the University of Virginia. After becoming a Belmont homeowner, I was drawn to improve my community through volunteer work for non-profits and City Boards and Commissions.

If elected, I promise to make informed decisions. I will ask staff about the pros and cons behind their recommendations. I will seek out and listen to our many well-informed citizens. It will be my full time job and I will make myself available to the public by having open office hours.

Some of my recent accomplishments:

Disproportionate Minority Contact in the Juvenile Justice System Task Force – I am one of the few citizen members of the DMC work group. My participation began in 2013 when I attended the community outreach meetings. People said that there was a difference in which kids were being detained and which were being released. I continued to attend the work group meetings as a member of the pubic and brought up the concerns I had heard from the community. I learned that the decision of whether to release or detain is based on scored answers from an evaluation known as a DAI. However, there are discretionary overrides to the DAI assessment and the data initially indicates disparity or disproportionality. As a result, the Commonwealth of Virginia has provided assistance to review these instances in greater detail so that we can pinpoint exactly where the problem is occurring and identify solutions.

Recently, I requested that we look more closely at the police's field contact and 'stop' data.


Pesticide Free Parks & Schools – In the summer of 2014, I collected hundreds of signatures for the Sierra Club’s organic pest management initiative. As President of the Belmont-Carlton Neighborhood Association, I held meetings on the topic and then wrote the resolution that we passed urging City Council to implement the Organic Landscape Management Program presented by the City’s Department of Parks and Recreation on November 17, 2014. Unfortunately, City Council choose not to make improvements to the current system when they addressed the issue in Spring 2015. This project remains ongoing. I was recently selected to participate in the City's IPM (Integrated Pest Management) Committee.


As President of the Transit Riders of Charlottesville (We Ride the Bus!) since 2013 and Vice-Chair of the Charlottesville Area Transit (CAT) Advisory Board since it's inception in 2014, I have been very active in regards to our local public transportation system.

  • Advocated for the return of the Downtown Parking Garage Stop on Market Street by speaking before City Council and repeatedly following up with the public transit management about the safety of the previous location.
  • Organized for the return of the Water Street stop between the Transit Center and the Omni Hotel.
  • Designed Routes 1 and 3 through the Belmont neighborhood during the major changes that took place a few years ago. After my neighborhood was resolved, I stayed on to help others.
  • Planned and hosted a rally about the loss of night service on Route 10 to Pantops and Martha Jefferson Hospital a few years ago. The event was attended by members of the Charlottesville City Council and Albemarle Board of Supervisors. Service was reinstated during the following budget cycle.
  • Worked with neighbors to bring back the Route 3 stop on Avon Street at Brown’s Market. This stop was well used and especially convenient for the people on the west side of Avon Street.


Belmont Bridge Steering Committee – I went before Charlottesville’s City Council to request that the Steering Committee include people from the surrounding communities because I think that people who use the bridge on a regular basis should be involved in the design. It took many months and numerous requests but it was finally achieved.

I encourage you to take a closer look at the rest of my website where you'll find details about my experience, training and education, my thoughts about important local issues and a little more about me personally. You can volunteer or donate through my contact page.


in the Democratic Primary on Tuesday, June 9th, 2015,

at your regular voting location.

Last but certainly not least, I want to thank everyone who has supported me while I pursue this important responsibility.